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Welcome to the Library, Doctor. You have been given most of the keys you need to open the cabinets. Some are, well... More on a need-to-know-basis. You'll find some cabinet can only be accessed by members of certain committees. The committees prefer to have their own archives. I do not approve, but it is what it is.

So, Doctor. These files are to deliver information on a diverse range of subjects to our Associates who go into the field. Be selective in what type of documents you include inside them, will you?

Overview of


Constructs Phenomenon Planes
S-003: [Not filed] C-003: [Not filed] P-003: [Not filed] Plane 3: [Not filed]
S-004: [Not filed] C-004: [Not filed] P-004: [Not filed] Plane 4: [Not filed]
S-005: [Not filed] C-005: [Not filed] P-5: Travels Bane Plane 5: [Not filed]
S-006: [Not filed] C-006: [Not filed] P-006: [Not filed] Plane 6: [Not filed]
S-007: [Not filed] C-007: [Not filed] P-007: [Not filed] Plane 7: [Not filed]
S-078: To open the path to salvation. C-008: [Not filed] P-008: [Not filed] Plane 8: [Not filed]
S-227: The Overseer C-33: The Industrious Infiltrator P-009: [Not filed] Plane 9: [Not filed]
S-344: The man of Brass C-44: Swarms of Facinators P-10: Void Breach Plane 54: The contaminated Plane (Hephestus)
S-366: The Call Girl
C-432: Till Destruction do us Part P-73: The Luddites Dream
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