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Welcome to the Library, Doctor. You have been given most of the keys you need to open the cabinets. Some are, well... More on a need-to-know-basis. You'll find some cabinet can only be accessed by members of certain committees. The committees prefer to have their own archives. I do not approve, but it is what it is.

So, Doctor. These files are to deliver information on a diverse range of subjects to our Associates who go into the field. Be selective in what type of documents you include inside them, will you?

Specialised sections

These sections contain multiple articles expanding on one particular subject.

- The Arkology Reports: Section regarding our discoveries on C-08 (aka Elysium) maintained by Special Committee Icarus.

Main Library

Overview of


Constructs Phenomenon Planes
S-03: [Not filed] C-03: [Not filed] P-03: The Living Cemetary Plane 01: The Man Behind the Wall
S-04: The Caretaker C-04: [Not filed] P-04: [Not filed] Plane 4: [Not filed]
S-05: The Chosen Ones C-05: [Not filed] P-05: Travelers Bane Plane 5: [Not filed]
S-06: She can't go home again C-06: Bad Bargain P-06: Bread Crumbs Plane 6: [Not filed]
S-07: The Utter-Krapp Future C-07: [Not filed] P-07: [Not filed] Plane 7: [Not filed]
S-08: The Alternative C-08: Elysium P-08: [Not filed] Plane 8: [Not filed]
S-09: The Little Dictator C-09: [Not filed] P-09: [Not filed] Plane 9: [Not filed]
S-10: [Not filed] C-10: [Not filed] P-10: Void Breach Plane 10: [Not filed]
S-11: Radio Retrofuture C-11: [Not filed] P-11: [Not filed] Plane 11: [Not filed]
S-12: Hope it was worth it C-15: Hand of the Merchandise! P-12: The White Ship Plane 12: [Not filed]
S-78: To open the Path to Salvation. C-29: The Window P-13: [Not filed] Plane 13: [Not filed]
S-227: The Overseer C-33: The Industrious Infiltrator P-14: [Not filed] Plane 14: [Not filed]
S-344: The Man of Brass C-44: Swarms of Fascinators P-15: The Tether Plane 15: [Not filed]
S-36: The Call Girl C-432: Till Destruction do us Part P-73: The Luddites Dream Plane 54: The contaminated Plane (Hephestus)