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‘We stay in contact with the telegraph. Warn me if something changes and I’ll do the same.’ And with that Associate 17 turned his back at me and walked into the mirage. As he entered my vision seemed to blur and I started seeing stars. Colours faded and his suit blended flawlessly with the mirage as he passed the Vail. And then he was just, gone. Everything looked, as it was. 

Rifts and Rifttravel

The origins of the Rifts are unknown. Somehow they allow travel between alternate timelines and realities.

P-05 aka' Traveler Disease' or 'Travelers Decay'

A traveller and any object cannot stay outside of its own Plane of Existence for a certain amount of time without suffering from Traveller's Decay (see P-05). The Association believes this to be around 40 days. The only known exceptions, were people can reside as long as they like, are Hades (C-08) and Sanctuary. The latter is a facility on Atlas controlled by the Association were the store and house 'outside' objects and individuals.

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