The following tales are journals reports of Associate 90 who ventured into the interior of the Elysium Object. As of now, there is a small Association presence inside the object, based inside the settlement of Arkology. 

Associate 90's field journal[edit | edit source]

Entry I: Arrival

Entry II: Upside

Entry III: Downside

"Welcome to the Icarus Committee Associate. Before we start a tour of the premises let me begin with a little history and the reason why The Icarus Special Committee was created. In 1873 The Association managed one of its proudest achievements. Reaching Elysium or C-08. In 1825 they launched a manned missile to observe the object from up close. Unfortunately, the rocket spontaneously disappeared from sight. It caused wild speculation ranging for aliens to divine intervention.  This is why the Special Committee Icarus was created. We bartered with the Babylon Program. They investigated the area of space surrounding the object and formulated Operation Hesiod. And finally in 1873, with the help of the Babylon Project, we launched a third manned mission to Elysium. This time we were prepared for C-08 anomalous properties, but the crew was forced to make an emergency landing on its hull regardless... Let just say they were in for a surprise. 

The Icarus Committee has its own archive, mostly containing correspondence and reports for our ambassador, don't ask, and agents who remain in a scavenger settlement called 'Arkology'. It is a uhm, unique place."  

These archives are specifically about activities and life in and around Arkology. Most Subjects, Phenomenon and Constructs encountered are listed in the library section.  

- Dr Drambuie  

Elysium's Biosphere[edit | edit source]

Log-00: Biosphere

Log-01: Singeria Arkologia

Log-02: Incendium Arkologia  

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