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Historical Highlights

1789-1799: Start of the French Revolution.

1798: In order to link the French sphere of influence to their Indian ally Tipu, Sultan of  Mysore, Napoleon Bonaparte goes on an expedition to Egypt with an Army of about 30.000 soldiers and 167 scientists. On June 9th he takes Malta from the Knight Hospitallers after some token resistance and continues the journey to Egypt. In July he defeats the Mameluks which allows him to excavate many archeological sites and take many relics back to France as spoils of war. The expedition is cut short when the French fleet is destroyed by the British in August that year. He makes a fighting retreat through the Ottoman Empire and captures various coastal towns.

1799: Napoleon becomes a dictator of France. The British defeat Tipu Sultan, completing the conquering of India.

1805-1814: Napoleon Bonaparte found the Academy d'Aéronautique (1805) for the development of aircrafts and even ordered the construction of a canon to fire manned shells. Unfortunately, his prototypes were destroyed after his defeat at Leipzig in 1814 and the plans were never recovered.

1812: Napoleon starts bombarding the English Harbour towns with AR-1 Rockets (armes de rétribution) developed by the Academy d'Aéronautique.

1814: The sixth coalition forces France to surrender. Napoleon is exiled to Elba.

1815: After Napoleon escapes from Elba, the Coalition declares war on the former Emperor and defeats him at the Battle of Waterloo.

1817: Construction of The Tower of Babel launch Platform begins, funded by various Industrialists, scientific trusts and even governments.

1820: Comet I disaster The first attempt to launch a spacecraft, Comet I, ends in disaster as the craft explodes before liftoff due to an unknown malfunction.

1825: Comet II disappears The Comet II was launched, from the Tower of Babel Launch platform in the Atlantic Ocean, but it disappeared mid-flight. Many believe the disappearance is linked to the opening of the Rifts. Whether there is a relationship between the Rifts and Elysium is considered unlikely. But its otherworldly qualities cannot be denied.

1871: France defeats the German Alliance during the Franco-Prussian War.

1873: The Association and the Babylon Project launch the Comet III, that makes an emergency landing on Elysium.

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